New book of poetry: written, designed and printed in the Blue Mountains

10:45 am in News by Duncan Grant

“I’m Not a Poet But…” by Barry Kimberley

Publish! Blue Mountains members Nomad Graphics and Bennetts Printing have helped Katoomba resident Barry Kimberley self-publish a book of poetry.

Photos of wattle and Blue Mountains mist used on the cover evoke a contemplative mood that complements the poems.

Barry will be sending copies of the book overseas with a view to getting it published.

“I don’t know what qualifications are needed to be a poet, whether there are schools for prospective poets in academia, or whether one just writes, hence the title of my book. No doubt the fact that I love reading poetry, and was fascinated by song lyrics, was some sort of influence. Some are titled, some not, because I didn’t want to title just for title’s sake, and I assumed there were no rules about that either.” - Barry Kimberley

By Damon Baker, Nomad Graphics