Changes are afoot at Publish Blue Mountains

8:22 am in News by Steve Krinks

You may have noticed recently that we’ve changed our monthly meeting format and now invite all members to join in and contribute. That’s just one of many positive changes we’ve made. Here are some other changes that we hope will make your membership more rewarding:

  • Starting with our next monthly meeting (Monday April 2, 5.30pm) we’ll have a guest speaker at each meeting, presenting for 20 minutes on topics of interest and relevance to Blue Mountains creative professionals. Find out about our next meeting here.
  • We’ve created a new monthly email newsletter featuring news, events and feature items provided by you, our members. Want to contribute? Great – send an email to with your ideas!
  • We’re developing new pages for our website where we’ll feature works by our members and where other work can be published such as videos, photography, writing etc.
  • A Facebook page is about to launch where our creative community can share news, ideas, latest works, events and more. It will be a great way to open doors to new collaborations and partnerships and keep on top of everything going on creatively up here in the mountains.
  • The website has been updated with a new home page that makes it easier for businesses to post new projects and a new member portfolio allows you to add images and a tag line to help your business stand out. Coming soon – adding video and other file types to portfolios.

6 months FREE membership

To give you a chance to try out these new features, we’re offering 6 months free membership to all existing members who haven’t yet renewed their account, and will extend membership by 6 months for all fully paid-up members.

Tell us your thoughts

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what you want out of your Publish Blue Mountains membership. Let us know in the comments below, or email us via the contact page.


Steve Krinks

President, Publish Blue Mountains